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Medical Aluminum Foil Bag _ Pharmaceutical Packaging Material Selection

Medical aluminum foil bag packaging is a very wide range of contacts in life. Today, we will take pharmaceutical packaging as an example to analyze how strict the selection requirements of pharmaceutical packaging materials are. Common pharmaceutical packaging forms on the market generally include granules, powders, tablets, and pharmaceutical liquid packaging. Next, we discuss the material selection requirements for pharmaceutical packaging of granules, powders and tablets.

Pharmaceutical packaging of granules and powders. Among the medicines that most consumers use daily, bagged granules and powdered medicines that are easy to dissolve and take are two common medicines. From the perspective of packaging materials and packaging forms of granules and powdered medicines, with the advancement of packaging technology and the development of equipment, the medical aluminum foil bag packaging material of multi-layer aluminum-plastic composite film has become the first choice of pharmaceutical packaging materials due to its excellent barrier properties and outstanding moisture-proof effect. Let us observe from the perspective of process and equipment. In the national standard "Aluminum Foil for Pharmaceutical Packaging", there are clear requirements for the surface quality of the printed text of the medicinal aluminum foil, and there are also physical and chemical indicators for the performance of the protective layer and the adhesive layer, so as to protect the medicinal PTP aluminum foil. The foil has good barrier properties, hygienic safety, heat sealing properties and good physical and mechanical properties. To achieve the above-mentioned properties in the production process of PTP aluminum foil printing and coating, it is still necessary to be familiar with the properties of the applied raw materials. How to control the heat sealing temperature of granule and powder pharmaceutical packaging, how to control the filling amount of the drug, and how to detect the sealing degree of the bag packaging have become important issues that pharmaceutical manufacturers must pay attention to. First of all, the control and solution of the packaging heat sealing problem should fully consider the heat shrinkage ratio of the packaging material, as well as the number of layers and materials of the composite packaging film.

If the execution temperature of the heat sealing process is too high and the shrinkage ratio is too large, it will cause wrinkles on the edge of the heat sealing, and if the heat sealing temperature is too low and the composite film is thick, it will cause the packaging to be loosely sealed. Therefore, in order to achieve a good sealing effect quickly and well, it is necessary to combine the packaging material details provided by the pharmaceutical packaging material supplier, as well as the shrinkage ratio and other related parameters to achieve sealing on the basis of combining technology and equipment characteristics.

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