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The foundation laying ceremony of the intelligent manufacturing base construction project of Changzhou Huajian Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. and the 20th anniversary celebration of the company were successfully held!

At about 10 a.m. on November 7, 2022, the groundbreaking ceremony for the project of "Huajian High Barrier Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Intelligent Manufacturing Base" of Changzhou Huajian Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. was held in the West Taihu Lake Industrial Park, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province.

【▲Site of foundation laying ceremony】


The main leaders of Wujin District Government of Changzhou City, the main responsible comrades of the district development and reform, industrial and information technology, housing construction, investment promotion, West Taihu Economic Development Zone and other units, Mr. Wang Peiyu, Group President, Mr. Li Zhijun, Group Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Gu Suojuan, General Manager of Huajian, and some customer representatives were invited to attend and witness the foundation laying ceremony.

At the foundation ceremony, the leaders of Wujin District Government and the leaders of the Group Company successively made speeches on the stage, expressing their high concern for the intelligent manufacturing project of Huajian Drug Package, as well as their deep expectations and blessings for future development. Later, leaders at all levels and guest representatives waved the spade to lay the foundation for the smart manufacturing project of Huajian Drug Package. The foundation ceremony reached a climax when fireworks burst out at the scene, fireworks roared, engineering vehicles honked for digging, and applause thundered. The foundation ceremony for the smart manufacturing project of Huajian Pharmaceutical Packaging was a complete success! The complete success of the foundation ceremony marks that the industrial development of Huajian Pharmacy has entered a new journey after it was incorporated into the Shantou Dongfeng Group family, and will take off in the future business outbreak.
It is reported that the total investment of the project is expected to be 500 million yuan, and the planned construction period is about two years. After two years of reaching the production capacity, the production capacity of drug packaging materials, functional membranes, etc. will be 20000 tons, and the annual sales revenue will be 450 million yuan, and the tax revenue will be 25 million yuan. At the same time, through the establishment of a new comprehensive R&D and production base and an intelligent production line, Huajian Pharmaceutical Packaging will lead the technical innovation of the pharmaceutical flexible packaging industry, produce high barrier composite materials that meet the needs of high-end pharmaceutical enterprises at home and abroad, and strive to achieve the localization of some core materials.


At 16:00 p.m. on the same day, the 20th anniversary celebration and birthday dinner of Huajian Drug Pack with the theme of "extraordinary 20 years of growth, integration and take-off" was held in Renaissance Star Hotel Changzhou. The celebration reviewed the wonderful development process of Huajian Drug Pack from small to large and from weak to strong in the past 20 years.


【▲Appreciation dinner site】


【▲Speech by Group President】


The development of Huajian Drug Pack is inseparable from the strong support of the Group Company and the hard work of Huajian people. In order to express our strong support and gratitude to the Group Company for Huajian Pharmacy, Ms. Gu Suojuan, General Manager of Huajian Pharmacy, presented a gift of gratitude to the leaders of the Group; Commend advanced individuals and excellent suppliers for their dedication, outstanding performance and loyal service;

【▲Tribute to the Group】


【▲Speech by excellent customer representatives】


At last, the celebration held a grand national network wide release of Huajian's corporate song, "Huajian's Song", to express that all Huajian people always have the heart to serve the country through industry, continue to uphold the corporate values of "dedication, effort, co creation, and win-win", actively practice the extreme culture of Dongfeng shares, work hard, and earnestly shoulder the mission and responsibility entrusted by the times, We will forge ahead bravely towards the beautiful vision of "becoming a first-class innovative drug packaging enterprise in China".

【▲National Network wide Press Conference of "Song of Hua Jian"】

The celebration invited more than 500 people from China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, local government units, group companies, brother companies, customers, suppliers, people from all walks of life and employees of the company to participate. The participants witnessed the beauty and glory of the 20th anniversary of Huajian Pharmaceutical Packaging, wished Huajian Pharmaceutical Packaging a happy birthday and a more brilliant future together!

【▲A wonderful review of the dinner】





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