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How does the blister lidding foil from China manufacturer protect the medicine

Blister lidding foil from China manufacturer is a material that is sealed to a plastic film. The advantage of using this type of seal is that it is non-toxic, resistant to corrosion, heat, moisture, light and can be autoclaved. The typical thickness is usually 0.02mm and consists of protective layer, printing layer, substrate and adhesive layer.
Effective and economical, blister lidding foil from China manufacturer is ideal for purity, safety, portability and convenience. Often used with printed cards, this foil can display the full visual of the product. It also protects it from threats like UV rays, moisture, and pollution as it travels from factory to shelf to home. Opaque blisters also protect light-sensitive products from UV rays.
blister lidding foils from China manufacturer are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for drugs. These include so-called push-fit blisters, molded plastic with a cavity for individual tablets, and a push-fit closure made of aluminum foil, which is known as a blister film or lidding film. As a result, capsules and tablets are hygienically clean and protected.
Blister lidding foil from China manufacturers are a convenient and practical way to protect medications. They are easy to handle, compact and easy to carry. In it, thanks to the use of aluminum foil, each product is individually wrapped and protected from all influences until consumed.
Blister lidding foils from China manufacturer are being continuously developed to ensure that they meet all requirements in terms of reliability, hygiene and quality in the future.

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