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Huajian Mission

“Huajian’s mission is to protect health and good medicine, and my responsibility is to protect more than 100 employees of Huajian.” Recently, Changzhou Huajian pharmaceutical packaging materials Co., LTD. Chairman Gu Suojuan said in an interview.

From talented overseas students to front-line workers in the workshop, from workshop director, project manager, deputy general manager, general manager to chairman, from responsibility to mission, Gu Suojuan leads Huajian to move forward step by step with her firm and gentle female wisdom…

Experience: Earn trust with knowledge and skills

Huajian’s predecessor was wuling Color Printing Factory. Under the leadership of Gu Suojuan’s mother, a small factory with fewer than 10 employees has gradually grown to a scale of about 60. In 2004, Gu Suojuan returned from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. At that time, Huajian was in a critical period of transformation from food packaging to pharmaceutical packaging materials.

“I entered the family business reluctantly at first. I had my own ideals and wanted to live according to my own ideas.” “Gu suojuan said, recalling her return from overseas study. However, seeing her mother working hard, Gu suojuan finally chose to work in an enterprise out of gratitude for her mother and the responsibility of the family business.

“You can do anything you want to do at work.” This is gu Suojuan often hang in the mouth of a mantra. In this regard, she explained that to start a career, one must first have a positive attitude, and there are always more ways than difficulties. Secondly, one must have a kind of courage and perseverance, and never give up until the goal is achieved.

Gu Suojuan is a practical person. After entering the enterprise, she took the initiative to go to the workshop and work together with the basic staff, eat together, do scientific research together… In order to get familiar with the business of the enterprise as soon as possible, she worked hard, set an example in everything, and took the lead in almost every process.

She lifted an ink fountain in the printing shop like her male colleagues and got blisters on her hands. She worked in sales, dealing with different customers and honing her sales skills and eloquence. She has been engaged in purchasing, striving for price advantage with various suppliers. She has worked in technology and pursued all kinds of key technologies. At one point she worked as a truck driver, getting up in the middle of the night to make deliveries to clients…

“What I do is I want to connect with my employees, win their trust with my knowledge and skills, and make them recognize me from the bottom of their hearts.” Gu suojuan said.

After the experience of front-line work in the workshop, most employees of the company no longer regard her as “less in charge”, but a reliable colleague. Gu suojuan was filled with a sense of achievement.

However, just when Gu thought she had gained the trust of her colleagues to make a big splash, an ordinary personnel reshuffle threw cold water on her.

Decisive: the leader who has been “abandoned” by his employees

“There were only about 40 people in the company, and more than 30 offered to leave.” When Gu suojuan recalls the incident, she is still incredulous: “I felt that WHAT I did before was a failure. Instead of supporting me, they opposed me with this silent resistance.”

At that time, the company was transforming to make pharmaceutical bags, but the technical force was weak. Gu Suojuan planned to introduce a technical backbone from outside to be the workshop director. Once the news was announced, it aroused strong reaction among employees. The next day, more than 30 employees collectively submitted their resignation to the company.

Retain old employees or stick to the road of transformation and development? This is the dilemma facing Gu Suojuan.

She had a heart-to – heart talk with some old employees and held a special staff meeting to reiterate the strategic goals of the company’s development and the purpose of attracting talents, hoping that both the company and its employees could become better and better. But some employees eventually left.

Although the storm brought a short-term impact on Huajian, and exposed the shortcomings of the company’s management. Gu Suojuan but through this storm, “a strong man cut his wrist” decided to establish prestige, but also feel the wisdom of enterprise management and heavy burden.

As she recounted the incident to reporters, she laughed and said she had been “abandoned” by her staff, but had no regrets about her decision. “One revises one’s thinking only after experiencing it,” she says.

Later, when Huajian was building a new factory, many friends and relatives recommended employees. Gu suojuan was employed and managed strictly in accordance with the company’s management system. She uses her own professional knowledge, combined with the practice of enterprise management, the introduction of modern management concepts, systems, for the enterprise remodeling bones.

Rise: To build a modern enterprise management system

Gu Suojuan always adheres to the concept of “dedication, endeavor, co-creation and co-win”, and promotes and reuses talents in the development of enterprises. Employees who cannot adapt to the development and change of the enterprise will be eliminated at the bottom. “As the head of the company, I will introduce new management concepts and improve the efficiency of management,” she said.

Facts have proved that Gu suojuan’s management philosophy is right. In the painful transformation, Huajian ushered in the golden period of development.

“Since formally taking over Huajian in 2009, the company has developed rapidly with an average annual growth rate of 25%, and was successfully listed on the New Third Board in 2019. Huajian’s output value has increased nearly 10 times since 2012.” Gu Suojuan told reporters.

While the company’s management is gradually on the right track, Huajian’s scientific and technological innovation has also ushered in encouraging achievements — Huajian has been awarded the titles of “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Jiangsu Private Science and Technology Enterprise”, “Jiangsu Small and Medium-sized Science and Technology Enterprise” and other titles, with 38 effective patents and 4 invention patents. It has passed ISO9001, ISO15378, ISO14001, ISO45001 and other management system certification, and won the honor of 2019 Top Ten Influential Enterprises of China Brand, 2019 Excellent Enterprises of China Brand, star products and so on.

In 2009, Huajian won the Technology Innovation Fund for small and medium Enterprises of the Ministry of Science and Technology; In 2011, it was identified as “Changzhou Medical Flexible Packaging Engineering Technology Research Center”; In 2013, it was identified as “Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center of Functional New Medicinal Flexible Packaging Materials”; In 2021, it was identified as changzhou Enterprise Technology Center……

“The pace of The Times is speeding up. If you don’t progress, you will go backwards.” “Innovation is an important weapon for enterprises to maintain vitality and core competitiveness. Huajian insists that innovation is always on the road,” said Gu Suojuan.

Warmth: The “Ten Best Mothers” of Universal Love

In the career field, Gu Suojuan is a conscientious work maniac, with their own efforts won the “Changzhou top Ten New Economic figures”, “Changzhou top Ten Outstanding entrepreneurs” and other honors.

Behind the scenes, she is a loving mother.

Gu suojuan gets up at five or six in the morning to go to the company and comes home at around twelve o ‘clock in the evening. “Even though I come home every day, sometimes my son doesn’t see me for a week.” Gu Suojuan expressed her debt of love to her children in an interview.

“There are more than 100 families in Mom’s company. If there is no benefit, what will happen to their children?” In the face of his son “why so busy mother” question, Gu Suojuan answered.

In the face of strict enterprise management, some employees say that Gu Suojuan lacks integration. In fact, she always had employees in mind, and the older employees who followed her down had retired twice. In 2012, Huajian carried out an overall upgrade and introduced advanced management equipment. Some of the old employees in the posts could not adapt to modern management because they could not use computers, and faced the dilemma of being laid off. Gu Suojuan after understanding this one circumstance, through discussion and negotiation, let them retire 2 years ahead of schedule to go home to enjoy family happiness, during the normal salary.

Among gu suojuan’s many personal honors, there is a special certificate — “Top ten Mothers” in Wujin District. She said bluntly that the certificate was not for her contribution to her family, but for her work with children in need.

Gu Suojuan said: “Happiness is sharing. Happiness is not when one is happy, but when everyone is happy.” After get HuaJian development, she consciously assume shoulder social responsibility, active pay in to donate, charity – she began in 2013, changzhou university most needy students in changzhou pharmaceutical and life sciences at the university in 2016 to “HuaJian studies scholarship”, power outstanding difficulties students happy growth.

In the winter of 2018, gu suojuan was deeply touched by the sight of orphaned children in guiyang, Guizhou province, during her research. She immediately decided to donate to them until they graduated from university. On holidays, she would send her children new clothes, quilts, daily necessities and so on.

She smiles and says she feels a warm feeling when she receives thank-you notes, holiday wishes or shared achievements from her children.

Facing the future, Gu Suojuan takes “to become a first-class innovative pharmaceutical package enterprise in China” as the heading of Huajian, and takes the concept of “dedication, endeavor, co-creation and co-win” as the helm of Huajian.





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