According to the enterprise's different industry attributes and scale to develop professional industry solutions

Medical device packaging film

It is used for the packaging of medical device products, which can be sterilized, can be operated aseptically (such as clean opening), can provide acceptable microbial barrier properties, can protect and sterilize products before and after sterilization A packaging

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Vacuum Packaging Film

Vacuum packaging film and bag series products. Most perishable foods require modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), and the packaging bag is ideal for vacuum air-conditioned packaging applications, especially for meat products, cheese, seafood that require oxygen and moisture resistance as well as aroma, taste, and UV protection. products, etc.

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Co-extruded stretch film product feature

Multilayer co-extrusion stretch forming packaging material, made by annular down blowing water cooling process or rapid air cooling process, has excellent hot stretch formability, transparency, appearance display effect and good mechanical properties. According to customer requirements, we can provide high-barrier or medium-barrier meat packaging materials with preservation of aroma, taste and UV protection.

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Multilayer co-extruded buffer film

buffer bags can be designed according to the weight and transportation weight of the packaged products and transportation requirements, providing customers with safe, environmentally friendly and economical packaging solutions. It is made of resin, and all raw materials can be recycled. This material is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material.

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Functional transparent substrate PE

Freezing film, anti-fog film, easy-release film, high-resistance water film, anti-static film, acid-proof film, anti-pollution film, high-transparency film, surface printing film.

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Release film

Mainly it is not sticky or slightly sticky in contact with specific materials under limited conditions.

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Various color substrates

Basic materials that cannot be colored can be made for different customers.

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HDPE bottles for oral solid preparation

1. Healthy-No toxic, tasteless, food coloring, can be directly used as food packaging. 2. Safety –Updated European standard cover and inner plug, no leakage, No transmission of CO2,O2,water,suitable size ,safe and easy to carried. 3. Good chemical and thermal Stability-Anti-High temperature to 90℃. 

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